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How to Turn a Trip Into an Educational Experience

If you're planning to take a trip with your family this summer, do your best to help your child learn throughout your travels. Everyday experiences can be turned into lessons that strengthen what they've learned in the classroom during the school year. The Tutoring Center in Sugar Hill has some tips to help turn your trip into a fun learning experience.

Research Your Destination

Before heading out for the summer, have your child do some research on your destination and present it to the family. This is a great way to get your child excited about the trip while also having them practice their research skills. Through their research, they will likely also learn about cultural customs, local languages, history, and traditions. Encourage your child to find activities they can participate in as well as points of interest for the whole family.

Pick Up a New Language

If you're traveling outside of the United States to a non-English speaking country, your travels present the perfect opportunity to encourage your child to learn a new language. Start by practicing small phrases that will be needed during your travels. Simple greetings and questions are the perfect way to start learning a new language. Even if your child only learns a few phrases, this may only be the start of a new interest.

Learn Life Lessons

Traveling is a great way to expand your child's horizons and help them learn about the world that they live in. Traveling abroad can teach them about new cultures and traditions that are different to theirs. This can help build tolerance and understanding. Your child may also have the opportunity to meet new people and learn about their way of life. Encourage your child to be open to new opportunities and experiences. Something as simple as trying the local food or learning phrases in a new language can help expand your child's world.

Tutoring in Sugar Hill, Georgia

If your child can use some extra academic practice this summer, consider signing them up for tutoring. The Tutoring Center in Sugar Hill offers academic programs and one-to-one tutoring that can help your child's mind stay sharp all summer. For more information about our programs or to schedule your free consultation give us a call at (678) 926-9475.


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