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How to Get Your Child to Complete Homework This Winter Break

Unfortunately for many students, winter break doesn't allow them to take a complete break from school. In fact, many students have a number of assignments they have to complete over the break from school. Use these tips to ensure your child gets their work done in a timely manner.

Set a Schedule

To keep your child productive over the break, set a schedule that encourages them to stay active. You can set daily study hours or homework time that will ensure they are getting their work done. They don't have to complete everything in one day, and it may actually be better to spread their work out over a series of days. If you're planning to travel over break, encourage your child to use their downtime to complete their work.

Maintain School Routines

If you're staying home during winter break, do your best to keep your child's school routines intact. For example, be sure your child is getting to bed on time each night and getting up at a reasonable hour every morning. This will help them make the most of their days while also keeping them prepared for their return to school. Regular homework time and study time should also be part of their break routine.

Make Time for Fun

While your child should stay productive and complete their break assignments, they should also make time for fun activities. Allow your child time to play outdoors, hang out with friends, and enjoy holiday parties. These fun activities will allow them to return to school refreshed and ready to continue on with the school year.

Winter Tutoring in Sugar Hill, Georgia

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