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How Your Child Can Benefit from Summer Tutoring

If your child is going to have plenty of free time this summer, why not enroll them in a summer tutoring program? Whether they struggled to keep up this past school year or are looking to get ahead, summer tutoring has great benefits for all students.

Maintain an Academic Routine

Many students struggle with the return of classes in the fall because they completely let go of their academic routine during their summer break. This means they have to get used to getting up on time, going to bed at a reasonable hour, studying, and completing assignments, among other school-related activities. While your child doesn't have to have a strict academic based routine, it does help to continue some of these practices during the summer. Tutoring can help your child continue learning and completing assignments so that their return to school isn't as hard this fall.

Prevent the Summer Slide

A major concern for educators and parents alike is the summer slide. This term refers to the learning loss many students experience during a summer break with minimal academic practice. Students who don't put their school lessons to use risk losing them. This can make it harder for teachers to start the school year since they have to go back and review the lessons students don't remember. Students who don't put their lessons to use over the summer can also have a harder time keeping up in their new classes because they have to relearn what they forgot over the summer. To ensure your child continues to learn and hold onto their lessons, enroll them in a summer tutoring program.

Prepare for College Exams

If college is in your child's near future, chances are they are starting to prepare for entrance exams like the ACT or the SAT. If this is the case, students may struggle to find the time to study for these exams during the school year when they have so much going on. Enroll them in a summer tutoring program focused on increasing their scores on these exams. Summer is the perfect time to study for these because your child will have an easier time focusing more of their time and attention on these exams.

Summer Tutoring in Sugar Hill, Georgia

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