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Summer break is here, and many of us are probably planning a road trip. Long car rides can be torturous and boring for everyone involved, especially for younger children. There are ways to make them more enjoyable, for example, you can play road trip games. So while your children are taking a break from school on the road; why don’t you try out these games?


Start by setting a theme, it can be cities, states or countries. Let’s say you chose countries; the first player start with a country like Finland, the next player has to name a country that starts with the last letter, for example Denmark, then Kosovo, and so on.

Name That Tune

As with most games, it starts with a theme. Choose something like TV themes, musicals, country, or Britney Spears. The first player hums, sings, or whistles a song, and the other players must guess which song it is. If no one can carry a tune, then guess the songs on the radio. The one who gets it right gets to pick the next song.

Count the…

The fun part of this game is that it can last the whole trip. You can count anything: cows on the road, telephone poles, blue cars, and trucks, whatever you want. You just need to shout the thing you are counting every time you see it.

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