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How to Get Your Child to Practice Math Skills This Summer

If your child has been struggling with math in school, encourage them to put their math skills to use this summer. Applying math concepts to real life scenarios during the summer will help them practice their math skills and even learn new skills. Follow these tips from The Tutoring Center, Sugar Hill GA and watch your child improve their math abilities.

Go Out to Eat

Something as simple as going out to eat with your family can turn into a math lesson for your child. After enjoying your meal but before receiving the check, ask your child to add up the prices of everything that was ordered. This simple task will help them practice basic addition skills. You can also have your child figure out how much change you should get back and how much tip to leave.

Cook a Healthy Meal at Home

If you'd rather stay in and cook a healthy meal at home, this can also turn into math practice for your child. Young children can help sort and count different ingredients. Measuring quantities and weighing items will also help your child put their math skills to use. Once you have the ingredients in the oven or simmering on the stove, ask your child to set the timer and keep track of the time.

Take a Shopping Trip

Older children may enjoy a shopping trip, especially if it's for back to school clothes and school supplies. Create a budget for your child and help them stay within it by estimating how much they will spend on each item on their list. If there are sales on items they need or want, have them calculate the final price of each item. This will get them to practice calculating percentages in real life situations. Lastly, have them calculate their change as they purchase items in order to put basic subtraction skills to use.

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