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Homework and school projects are a fundamental part of your children’s education - they are a way to practice and review class material, strengthen your child’s sense of responsibility and independence and develop other skills like time management. For these and many other reasons it’s important to have a study space in your home. If you would like a few suggestions to help you create one, The Tutoring Center in Sugar Hill invite you to read the following post.

Learning Styles

Each person has their own way of acquiring and processing information; while some people can carefully listen to a lecture quietly, others will need some kind of visual stimuli to stay attentive. Watch your children to find out their predominant learning style; visual, kinesthetic (learning by doing), or auditory.

Find a Space

Now, you should find a space in your home where your children can study and provide a comfortable chair, a sturdy desk and a lamp.Don’t forget to have all the school supplies they need to study, otherwise they will have to keep standing up to find what they need, which will distract them.


Your children should be committed to their homework during study time, however there are many thing that can distract them - block social networks from their computers and remove any objects that can divert their attention. Don’t forget that the attention span is limited, so it’s recommended to schedule breaks that will keep your children motivated. 

Having this space available in your home is a massive step toward instilling great study habits in your children, which will set a solid foundation for any upcoming academic challenges. Also, be sure to read this post containing helpful information on staying organized during the school year.

If your children are struggling at school and you are looking for tutoring in Sugar Hill, The Tutoring Center have a Study Skills Enrichment Program designed to strengthen and develop the abilities required for great academic achievement.

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