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Tips to Help Your Child Stay Focused

If your child struggles to stay focused while working on homework, use these tips to increase their ability to focus.

Take Breaks

Students who have a hard time sitting still and staying concentrated on the task in front of them may benefit from taking small learning breaks. If you notice that your child can work quietly for about 20 minutes before they start to get antsy, allow them to take a break at that 20-minute point. This can help them return to their work area ready for another span of concentration. You can also use this as a starting point for increasing their attention span. Start to add five minutes to their work time so that they can work on increasing the amount of time they can stay focused.

Eliminate External Distractions

External distractions can be quite easy to spot because they tend to win over your child's attention. Whether your child's concentration is often interrupted by their cell phone or by the sound of someone playing video games in the next room, do your best to remove these distractors during their work time. You can try setting quiet hours in your home so that your child has a quiet and peaceful environment to work in.

Reduce Internal Distractions

Internal distractions are harder to pinpoint because they aren't quite visible or tangible. If your child is stressed out or worried about something, they may have a harder time giving their full attention to their work. If you notice something is bothering them, sit down with them and have a talk before trying to get them to focus on their homework. You can also have them journal or free write before having them sit down to do their work.

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