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Though the school year has just begun, we hope you are already seeing some great achievements in your child, and that he or she is celebrating the new challenges of the year. Remember that there is a link between organization and academic success, and we, at The Tutoring Center in Sugar Hill would love to share SIX easy tips with you, to help your child stay organized, and continue on with a successful school year. 

Set Goals

Both academic and personal goals are great to set throughout the year. Keep in mind that your academics should come first, and be sure to prioritize your goals well. Write them down, brainstorm about how to accomplish them, and even trust someone else to keep you accountable and help you achieve your goals. While one of these goals should certainly be to stay organized, it is certainly not the only one you should have. 

Avoid Clutter

It is more difficult to stay organized, the more things you have in the way. Keep your backpack, locker, and study space free of loose papers and other cluttering materials. Throw away what you no longer need, and keep papers you do need in folders or notebooks. 

Designate a Study Space

As for your study space, find a place in your home you can use, free of distractions and clutter, to work. You may choose the kitchen table, a couch, or perhaps even a desk in your room. Be sure to avoid your bed for study purposes. Also have in your home, a place for you to put your backpack, homework, and any other needed items for the next day. Mornings are so much easier when you don’t have to go through the rush of finding what you’re going to need for that day. 

Write It Down

Saying “oh, I’ll remember that” or “let me take a picture of it” are not good options. Surely you could remember, but you may also forget. And though taking a picture may seem harmless enough, taking out your phone while studying should be avoided. You may innocently take out your phone to review assignments, but then you know better than anyone the endless distractions you know have at your fingertips. 

Use a Planner

An outstanding alternative is using a planner. Make notes of when assignments were received, when they are due, and depending on the length of time between these, make notes in the middle to remind yourself to be working on the assignment. This is also an effective strategy for scheduling study times before a test. 

Break It Up and Work it Out

Remember that doing homework before other daily activities is always a good idea. Within that, you know yourself best, so set up your homework and study time in a way that works best for you. You may think that starting with the easier assignments and working your way toward the most difficult is best, you may think the opposite. You know if you’ll benefit from taking a jog around the block, washing your face, or having a snack. Most importantly remember your priorities and get back to work!

It is possible, though your child is organized, that he or she may need some assistance in an academic area. The dedicated tutors at The Tutoring Center are ready to help your child reach academic excellence this year, with programs that are proven to work. Give us a call at, 678-926-9475 for tutoring in Sugar Hill!


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