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How to Prepare for Standardized Tests

As much as your child may dislike them, standardized tests are a common part of the education system. Since there's no escaping them, your child may as well prepare for them. To help your child be better prepared for their next standardized test, use these tips.

Make a Study Schedule

First off, your child should know what will be included in their test so that they can effectively prepare for it. Their teacher may give them a study guide or explain the topics that will be covered. If your child isn't sure what to study, have them ask their teacher for guidance. Once they know what lessons to focus on, help them divide their studying up into daily reviews. This will help them spread out their studying over a longer period of time, helping reduce the stress caused by cramming the night before.

Focus on Technique

Standardized tests can often trip students up because they look quite intimidating and their time limits can be panic-inducing. To help your child prepare, go over some test-taking techniques. For example, if the test doesn't penalize wrong answers, be sure your child answers every question on the test even if they don't know the answer. Teach your child to manage their time by answering the easy questions first and then leaving the more difficult questions for the end. It's also important that they learn to identify keywords in the directions and in the questions so that identifying the correct answer is easier.

Reduce Test Taking Anxiety

Unfortunately, many students who are well prepared may not get the results they want because of test-taking anxiety. If your child's mind goes blank or they have trouble concentrating because they're nervous, teach them some techniques to combat their test-taking anxiety. Breathing exercises and stretches can help their mind regain its focus. Try out different techniques until you find the perfect one for your child.

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