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Spelling Tricks to Teach Your Child

The English language is difficult. With synonyms and silent vowels, spelling can be equally confusing. Teach your child these easy-to-learn spelling shortcuts.

Pronunciation and the Silent E

Teach your child that " a silent e makes a vowel say its name". This saying reminds us that in words ending in a vowel followed by a consonant and a silent e, the vowel has a long sound. This explains the pronunciation of words like ate, wrote and hide.

Keeping or Dropping the Final Silent E

To know when you should keep or lose the final silent e when adding a suffix, consider whether the suffix begins with a vowel or consonant. If it's a vowel, such as -ing, drop the e. If it's a consonant, such as -ness, keep the e. The former rule gives us words like surprising while the latter gives us likeness.

Learning Plurals

For most words, you can create a plural simply by adding an s to the end. Other words, such as those ending in ch, will require adding an es. To know when the latter is required, remember that it's almost always used for words ending in an or s-like sound. For example, bus, kiss and box all require es.

Don't Trust Spellchecker

Spellchecker can be a terrific tool for catching some errors, but it typically misses homonyms and other misplaced words. To help your child improve his or her spelling, teach him or her to look up unfamiliar words in a dictionary rather than falling back on this notoriously unreliable tool.

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