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Get Ready for Your Last Year of High School

Getting ready to enter your last year of high school can be exciting and bit scary at the same time. Fun activities like prom and graduation are just around the corner, but so are college application deadlines and SAT dates. If you stay focused and organized, you can have a minimally stressful year loaded with fun activities. The Tutoring Center in Sugar Hill can help you be prepared to take on your last year of high school.

Fight Back Against Senioritis

After three long years of high school, you might feel like you deserve to take it easy this last year. The truth is, the work you do your senior year is just as important as it was every other year. Don't forget that even if you have already received acceptance to your dream school, they still look at your academic performance until you graduate. Remember to adequately prepare for important tests, like the SAT. While you might have a lot more social commitments during senior year, find a way to balance them with your academic commitments. Don't procrastinate and let your work pile up. Do your work when it's assigned and avoid the stress of doing it last minute.

Take College Applications Seriously

Applying to college can become stressful with all the looming deadlines and documents that have to be presented. Take the process seriously and don't ignore the deadlines. Make the process easier by getting started early and staying organized. Take the summer to decide where you want to apply and get to know the application requirements. Make checklists of the documents you will need and keep a planner with all the deadlines you need to meet. Get help writing your essays and ask for letters of recommendation early.

Enjoy Your Senior Year

Even though this last year of high school can feel extremely busy, you can always make some time to enjoy it with your friends. Remember that this is your last opportunity to participate in high school events and join activities at school. If you've always wanted to try out for a sports team but were too scared, go for it! You've got nothing to lose. Make some time to cheer on your football team and go to prom.

Tutoring in Sugar Hill

If you need some extra help with your academics, The Tutoring Center in Sugar Hill is here to help. Our one-to-one tutoring sessions help target the areas you need extra help with. We have programs focused on reading, writing, math and test preparation to suit your needs. Give us a call at (678)926- 9475 for more information or to schedule your free consultation.


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