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Each person learns at their own pace. We all learn differently, we find some things easier than others. Some of us find it easier to remember things we heard, some of us find it easier to remember something we wrote, we all have different learning styles. Today, The Tutoring Center, Sugar Hill...
Summer break is here, and many of us are probably planning a road trip. Long car rides can be torturous and boring for everyone involved, especially for younger children. There are ways to make them more enjoyable, for example, you can play road trip games. So while your children are taking a...

Get to Know Some of the Benefits of Summer Tutoring

Although most people assume tutoring is only for those who are struggling to keep up in school, it is actually a great tool for all students. No matter what grades your child brings home, they can always benefit from extra academic practice,...

How to Get Your Child to Practice Math Skills This Summer

If your child has been struggling with math in school, encourage them to put their math skills to use this summer. Applying math concepts to real life scenarios during the summer will help them practice their math skills and even learn new...

How to Turn a Trip Into an Educational Experience

If you're planning to take a trip with your family this summer, do your best to help your child learn throughout your travels. Everyday experiences can be turned into lessons that strengthen what they've learned in the classroom during the school...

Tips to Help Your Class Presentation Stand Out

Preparing a class presentation can be an intimidating task because you not only have to do the work, you also have to present it to the class. If you want to stand out, make your presentation more interesting and really captivate your audience with...

How to Get Your Child to Do Their Homework

It's no secret that many students are not fond of homework or studying. After spending a long day at school, the last thing they want to do at home is to continue with school. If your child struggles to get homework done, The Tutoring Center in Sugar...
If you'd like your child to become a better speller, writer, communicator, and more, then you should encourage them to become an avid reader. However, motivating them to get started can be complicated. For a few tips on the matter, refer to the post below.

How to Motivate Your Child to Read



Learn about the Benefits of Tutoring for Your Child

Learning should be rewarding and tutoring sessions are worthwhile and beneficial to students of all ages. Parents may familiarize themselves with the benefits of tutoring in Sugar Hill and learn more about the many ways your child's academic...

Spelling Tricks to Teach Your Child

The English language is difficult. With synonyms and silent vowels, spelling can be equally confusing. Teach your child these easy-to-learn spelling shortcuts.

Pronunciation and the Silent E

Teach your child that " a silent e makes a vowel say its name". This...


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