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Make Math More Exciting for Your Child

It may come as no surprise to learn that many students aren't fond of math. In fact, many students would prefer to never have to take a math class ever again. If your child is having issues staying alert during their math lessons or just can't concentrate...

How to Use Monopoly to Identify Learning Challenges

Each time that you all sit down for a family board game night, everybody will have a few choices of games they want to know. And while everybody likely wants to play different games, there always seems to be one familiar game on everybody's...

Improve Your Child's Sleeping Habits With These Tips

A healthy sleep routine is very important for everyone but maybe even more so for growing students. Sleep won't only fight off crankiness in the morning, it can actually help keep you mentally and physically healthy as well. In fact, students...

Encourage Math Learning at Home

Math can be a very challenging subject for many students, but this doesn't mean they should just give up on it. Although it's tough, math is one of the most important subjects your student should commit to. To help your child develop a healthy relationship with the...

How to Get Your Child to Complete Homework This Winter Break

Unfortunately for many students, winter break doesn't allow them to take a complete break from school. In fact, many students have a number of assignments they have to complete over the break from school. Use these tips to ensure your...

The Importance of STEM Learning

STEM refers to science, technology, engineering, and math, fields that are very important but maybe not quite popular with the majority of students. These subjects tend to be more challenging and require quite a bit of logical thinking, so may students don't look...

Help Your Child Set SMART Goals This School Year

Setting goals at the beginning of the school year is a great way to ensure your child stays on track all year. Before sitting down together to define your child's goals, be sure you know how to set the most effective goals. If you're not sure what...

Tips to Help Your Child Prepare for College This Summer

The school year can be quite hectic for students, and even more so when it comes time to apply to college. Balancing college application requirements with a normal school load can even get overwhelming. To help your student keep things in...

How to Make Summer Reading Fun

Getting your child to stay academically active during their summer break can be a real challenge. Most students expect summer to be all about sleeping in and playing with their friends, but they do need a healthy dose of academics to stay on track. Luckily,...

How Your Child Can Benefit from Summer Tutoring

If your child is going to have plenty of free time this summer, why not enroll them in a summer tutoring program? Whether they struggled to keep up this past school year or are looking to get ahead, summer tutoring has great benefits for all...


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