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With finals just around the corner, you’ve surely already started to go through your notes to reinforce your knowledge and refresh your memory. However, if you didn’t make it a point to take effective notes throughout the school year, you may notice that your notes aren’t as reliable as they could be. If you’d like to improve your note-taking skills for the future, you can follow the tips below.

Make an Effort to Be Clean and Organized

Messy and sloppy notes won’t do you any good. To keep them organized and clean, have a notebook for each of your school subjects (and use them accordingly), and avoid doodling excessively on your notes.

Take Legible, Coherent Notes

If you don’t want to spend time trying to decode your notes when you should be studying, write complete sentences in your best penmanship when you’re taking notes. By doing so, you’ll avoid confusion when you’re reading your notes.

Develop a Writing Strategy

Taking notes can be stressful because you need to keep up with your class and write at the same time. To make this easier for you, develop a writing strategy. For instance, use common abbreviations, and always copy what’s written on the blackboard.

Make the Important Information Stand Out

Certain information (such as dates, names, definitions, instructions for a project, and more), is more important than other. Accentuate them in your notes with colored pens or highlighters.

Proofread Your Notes

Lastly, once you’re done taking notes, read them over. Doing so will give you a chance to go over your lessons and realize if something wasn’t clear. If you have any questions, ask your peers and teacher to clarify right away.

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