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How to Get Your Child to Do Their Homework

It's no secret that many students are not fond of homework or studying. After spending a long day at school, the last thing they want to do at home is to continue with school. If your child struggles to get homework done, The Tutoring Center in Sugar Hill has some tips to help them develop better homework habits.

Create a Homework Routine

Establishing a predictable after school routine can help your child get into the homework groove. Most children will need to take a break from sitting and doing academic work before diving into their homework. Allow your child to eat a healthy snack, get some outdoor time and take a nap before getting started. Create a designated homework space where they can feel at their most productive. Follow the same routine daily and you'll start to notice less of a struggle when it comes down to completing homework.

Give Your Child Some Power

While creating your child's after school routine, allow them some of the decision making power. Let your child choose what time they want to designate to homework or study time. While some students may be more productive after dinner, some may find it easier to complete homework as soon as they get home. By allowing your child to have a say in these decisions they will be more motivated to get to work.

Use Positive Reinforcement

If your child puts up a struggle when it comes to completing homework, monetary rewards and other gifts may seem like tempting motivation tools. Steer away from these types of rewards and instead employ positive reinforcement through verbal recognition. Let your child know that you've seen great progress in their study habits and give them positive feedback on the work they've completed. This form of encouragement will help your child develop a love of learning instead of having them simply work for a reward.

Tutoring in Sugar Hill

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