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We all have certain abilities, strengths, likes, dislikes, and more, that make us who we are. Not only that, but these characteristics can also determine how we learn. As you may know, there are different learning styles, which are different ways in which every person assimilates the world and information around them. 

Needless to say, if you want your child to become a better learner, you should adapt their study sessions to their style so they can have a clearer grasp on their lessons. If you’d like a few tips on how to do that, this post has them for you.

How to Identify and Adapt to Your Child’s Learning Style


If you notice that your child has a special ability to recognize faces/images, and understand color and spatial arrangements, than it may very well be that they are a visual learner. This type of people benefit more from learning through visual aids: for example, a diagram, a video, or even drawing a picture can help them process the information more efficiently.


In this case, as the name suggest, the child will be especially good at remembering conversations and lyrics, comprehending/creating music, and other activities related to auditory stimuli. To help them study more successfully, you can try recording their lectures so they can play them back when they study, or discuss the topics they should learn with them.


You may identify them as the children who are always involved in physical activities, and who use experiences and their sense of touch to learn better. To cater to their style, you can provide tools (such as puzzles, maps, and an abacus) that they could use, or make up experiments involving the concepts they should learn to help them understand them more easily.

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