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Have Fun While Learning This Summer

The summer months can pass you by in a blink if you're not prepared to make the most of them. This year, plan ahead and prepare some educational and entertaining summer activities that will keep your child's mind sharp. To get some inspiration, check out these examples.

Reading Practice for the Summer Months

Reading is a great activity because it's not only educational, but it's also a lot of fun for students. To get your child reading this summer, head over to your local library and sign them up for a summer reading programs. These usually offer incentives every time your child reaches a milestone, helping to keep them motivated and excited to read more.

Fun Math Activities

While your student may not think math is fun, it can be part of some fun activities. Consider hosting family game nights where your family can get together and play a board game. Not only will this be a great time for all, but it can also reinforce basic math lessons in addition, subtractions, and money counting depending on the game you choose.

Summer Writing

Steer your child away from academic writing this summer so that they can get a new perspective on the subject. Give them a blank journal at the start of summer that they can fill up with whatever type of writing they please. Encourage your child to experiment and to find their writing voice. It also helps to let them know you won't be reading their writing (unless they want to share it with you) so that they feel more comfortable being free as they write.

After School Tutoring in Sugar Hill, GA

Enroll your child in summer tutoring in Sugar Hill to help them master those lessons they had trouble with this school or to simply get ahead and prepare for the next school year. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring CenterSugar Hill GA to find the program that makes the most sense for your child. You can learn more about these by giving their learning center a call at (678) 926-9475. Don't forget to ask about your free diagnostic assessment.


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