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As you are likely already aware of how to help your child deal with test anxiety, you may be wondering now how you can help your child better prepare for taking the test, including improving his or her study skills. The Tutoring Center in Sugar Hill would like to help you with that today by providing you with four tips to help improve the study habits, and therefore the test scores of your child. 

It is crucial that you help your child identify his or her areas of strength prior to beginning this study plan. As the parent, you are likely to see these areas very clearly, whereas your child may not. In helping him or her identify strengths, you are not only building confidence in your child, you are also giving advice on which areas need the least studying or attention at this moment. This is not to say you should no longer focus on areas where he or she is doing well, but only that studying in these areas should be given less time, as your child is naturally gifted here. 

Likewise, you can also help your child identify those challenge areas where he or she should be focusing. If you know that your child has always struggled with math, for example, point that out and help him or her to develop a plan to be more apt in that area.

You can do this by helping your child study daily in the areas of challenge. Make a plan to study every day, at least one week prior to big examinations. Other than that, going over homework each night, rechecking the problems done in class that day, and just looking over those notes your child has taken, will be helpful. 

Yes, taking great notes is an excellent step in helping your child improve his or her study habits. They’re the first thoughts the teacher had on teaching a concept, giving important vocabulary words for the idea, pointing out key factors and important points to remember. Your child can compare notes with a classmate to ensure that all the key ideas were written down and take those home each night to review. They will help your child retain what the teacher has gone over, and perhaps provide a springboard for those questions your child needs clarification on. 

Once you’ve begun these healthy study habits, your child could still benefit from having a professional tutor on his or her side. For tutoring in Sugar Hill, remember that The Tutoring Center offers tutoring in a variety of subjects, as well as helping our students to increase attention span and concentration techniques. Contact us at 678-926-9475 to schedule your child’s free diagnostic assessment.


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