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Easy Tips for Using an Academic Planner

An academic planner may seem like a basic item, but it can really help your child stay organized and have a less stressful school year. If your child already has a planner, be sure they're getting the most out of it with these tips.

Keep Track of Test Dates and Deadlines

Keeping track of important upcoming dates and deadlines is much easier with a planner. In fact, your child can write these down in their planner at the start of the school year so that they don't get surprised by things like midterms, final exams, and other big project deadlines throughout the year.

Take Note of Daily Assignments

Your child can also use their planner to keep track of daily assignments. They can use their planner to write down their homework assignments and keep them organized in one place. This will make it so that they don't have to search through all their notebooks to try and remember what their assignments are.

Plan Ahead

Finally, your child can use their planner to plan for the upcoming week. On the weekend, your child can take a look at their planner to see what they have coming up during the week and prioritize their tasks. They can also set some goals for the week and write them in their planner to keep themselves motivated during the week.

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