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Tips to Help Your Class Presentation Stand Out

Preparing a class presentation can be an intimidating task because you not only have to do the work, you also have to present it to the class. If you want to stand out, make your presentation more interesting and really captivate your audience with these simple tips from The Tutoring Center in Sugar Hill.

Make Your Presentation Interactive

To ensure you audience is paying attention and absorbing the information you are sharing, make your presentation interactive. There are several ways to do this. One of the most common methods is to ask questions of your audience and have them participate in various parts of your presentation. You can encourage participation with treats or other small rewards.

Make the Most of Your Visual Aid

If you're using a visual aid like a PowerPoint presentation, you have a great opportunity to build an eye-catching learning tool. Remember to keep text to a minimum on each slide and use as many slides as you need. Use fonts that are easy to read, colors that are easy to see, and sizes that won't make your audience strain their eyes to read. If you use images, don't forget that they can be used as the focus of a slide instead of just small complements to the written information.

Use the Space in Your Classroom

While most people tend to stay within the same small space while presenting in front of the class, don't limit yourself to one tiny area. Moving around confidently and using the classroom space as you present can cause your classmates to be more attentive and perceptive. Remember to move with purpose and not just fidget around.

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