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Have a Successful Summer Break

Many students plan to sleep in and play video games all summer break, but even this can get boring after just a few days. Help your child plan a more productive and fun summer with the following tips.

Set New Goals

No matter how much time is left in their break, it's not too late to set some goals. Even if they only have a few weeks left of break, your child can set goals that they can accomplish in the time left. Help your child decide on a few goals and work together on a plan to get them all done. Check in on your child's progress and keep them motivated to reach the finish line.

Learn Something New

The summer is the perfect time to learn a new skill or experiment with hobbies. There are probably a few things your child has wanted to try for a while but may have been too scared. Encourage them to use their free time this summer to dedicate themselves to it. They may want to learn to bake a certain dessert, conquer a yoga pose, or even learn to paint. Whatever it is they want to learn, encourage them to just do it.

Take Care of Summer Homework

If your child was assigned summer homework, this will have to get done before the school year starts. Remind your child to get started early so that they won't be stressed about it the week before school starts. Check in on them periodically and be supportive as they work through it.

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