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Tips for Effective To-Do Lists

Help your child step up their organizational and productivity efforts by getting them in the habit of creating daily to-do lists. To ensure their efforts are worth the work, teach them these pointers for an effective to-do list.

Write Down Your To-Do List

In order to have an effective to-do list, your child will have to write it down. While your child may insist on keeping their to-do list in their head, actually writing it down will ensure they don't forget any of their tasks. It will also help them use their time more efficiently since they'll know what task to move onto once they complete one. Let them choose where they want to keep their to-do list. There are tons of options, from a notebook to a whiteboard, or they can even use an app to create their list.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Next up is prioritizing the tasks on their list. Your child will need to identify what tasks are most important and put these at the top of their list. Homework assignments that are due tomorrow will be more important than tasks due next week or studying for a test they have later this month. Once they understand how to organize their tasks according to importance, have them fix the order of their list so that they can get the most important ones done first.

Keep Your Tasks Manageable

Since education is so competitive, it's not uncommon for students to take on too many activities and classes. If your child's daily to-do list is basically impossible to complete, they may become burned out pretty fast. If this is the case, help your child reorganize their commitments so that they no longer feel overwhelmed.

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