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How to Use Monopoly to Identify Learning Challenges

Each time that you all sit down for a family board game night, everybody will have a few choices of games they want to know. And while everybody likely wants to play different games, there always seems to be one familiar game on everybody's list: Monopoly! If you and your family love this classic game of fun (frustration), fun (frustration), and more fun (okay, maybe a little more frustration), then The Tutoring Center, Sugar Hill GA has a great post on how you can turn this fun game into a learning activity. What you will need:
  • A Monopoly board (themed or regular is fine)
  • Scrap paper or post-it notes
When you have the board open on the table, it’s time to prepare it for the game!
  • Using the post-its or pieces of paper, cover the purchase price of each property and replace it with an odd or unfamiliar number. As an example, if the purchase price of a property is $250 then change the price to $247 or $253.
  • Similarly, change the amount of each rent amount payable for each property and utilities.
  • Decide on a percentage amount (perhaps one that your student has been struggling with) and create a rule where the person who is lucky enough to land on ‘Free Parking’ has 10 seconds to count all of the money and calculate the percentage for a chance to win extra money.
With the game and rules ready to go, it’s time for the most important part. To make your youngster The Banker. By changing the prices to unfamiliar and difficult to calculate numbers, your child's brain is being forced to both think carefully and quickly as the pace of the game starts to pick up. While it may take a short while, after a small amount of gameplay you can bet their brain will start to catch up!

Address Learning Challenges With Tutoring in Sugar Hill

In addition to being a fun learning game, the above activity is also a great way for you to identify any learning challenges your student is having. For example, if your youngster struggles with a common multiplication set then math tutoring in Sugar Hill can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Sugar Hill GA today by calling 678-926-9475 and find out more about how tutoring in Sugar Hill can help your child overcome any learning hurdles and reach their learning potential.


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