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If you'd like your child to become a better speller, writer, communicator, and more, then you should encourage them to become an avid reader. However, motivating them to get started can be complicated. For a few tips on the matter, refer to the post below.

How to Motivate Your Child to Read

Lead the Way

Most children do as their parents do. This means that while you can tell them to read often, they're more likely to do it if you set an example they can follow.

Provide a Reading Space

Reading requires focus. For that reason, it's important that you provide your child with a space where they can read (preferably, one that's comfortable, free of distractions, and well-lit).

Let Them Choose

If your child isn't much of a reader, allow them to pick what to read, so they can find material that peaks their interest. Of course, ensure that what they choose is suitable for their age and reading level.

Read Along

While it may seem that reading is a solitary activity, you can use it as an excuse to bond with your child. Reading books to each other before bedtime can make reading much more pleasant.

Visit the Library

Believe it or not, a library can make quite an impression on a child. After visiting one, your child will likely be more encouraged to read since it's a building dedicated to books, knowledge, and stories.

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