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Tips for New Readers

Learning to read can be challenging for young students and parents alike. Keep in mind that this is a lifelong process, so it takes patience from everyone involved. To keep your child motivated and learning, use these tips.

Take Turns Reading to Each Other

Reading aloud is an important technique to use when helping your child practice their reading skills. Have them read aloud to you so that they can practice their pronunciation and rhythm. It's also important that you read aloud to them so that they can listen to a good example of what they're aiming for.

Read the Same Books

It may not seem useful to read the same books more than once when teaching your child to read, but this can be a huge help. Your child will start to recognize the book's words and get better at their pronunciation with practice. On top of this, they'll also be able to focus some of their attention on other things, like their fluidity and expression, while increasing their confidence.

Give Your Child Time

Learning to read takes time, so you mustn't try to rush your child. Let them take their time perfecting the necessary foundations so that they have something solid to build on.

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