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Easy Habits to Develop

In order to make school more manageable, it helps if your child has developed an arsenal of useful habits. If they haven't already, help them master these.

Make Organization a Priority

Trying to memorize homework assignments, test dates, and other commitments can be overwhelming. If this your child's ways of doing things, their brain may be a mess and they may be dealing with some unnecessary stress. Using a planner to keep track of all of this can help them stay organized while helping them reduce their levels of stress. Help them get in the habit of using a planner so that they can stay on top of everything without a sweat.

Learn to Take Good Notes

Taking notes is something that must be mastered. Not only can taking notes help your child absorb information better, but they can also be a great study resource. Help your child find new note-taking techniques and have them try these out until they find a system that works for them.

Plan Some Downtime

Without downtime or recovery time, your child may get burned out. Remind them to make time to simply relax and take a break from school. They should also be getting plenty of sleep every night so that they have an easier time at school the next day.

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