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Your child needs guidance in virtually all aspects of life, as you’ve likely noticed. Surely you are working hard to ensure that he or she is prepared for education, hitting those important milestones, and becoming a more conscientious person. Other than academia, you also strive to ensure your child is working toward creating healthy, lifelong habits. The Tutoring Center in Sugar Hill would like to assist you to stay on the right track by providing you with four tips to help your child form healthy habits. Keep in mind that these are not only for your child, but all will involve you as well. So get ready to go on this journey to healthy habits, as a family. 

Model Healthy Choices

In order to ensure that your child gets excited about the idea of making healthy habits for life, you’ll need to be sure that you are also ready to embark on this journey. Your child will watch you, and seeing that you are ready and willing to participate as well, is going to be influential to say the least. Make a list of habits you’d like to see your child form and think of ways you can help to model those throughout your child’s childhood and adolescence. 

Keep the Rewards Rewarding

Once you decide to embark on the journey to healthy habits with your child, you may decide to use a rewards system to make it more appealing. There is nothing wrong with this, but ensure that you make those rewards just that, rewarding. Keep in mind what it is your child likes to do, finds most interesting, and cares about. Reward your child with outings perhaps, instead of items. If food is involved, try to go with healthy and tasty options instead of completely splurging. Well thought out rewards go a long way. 

Limit Technology & Downtime

Though there is nothing wrong with resting and taking in some television or other forms of techonolgy, there is certainly a thing as too much. Ensure that your child is not spending all of his or her downtime with technological gadgets. Instead, plan outings and form habits, such as family reading time or family walks to take up some of that extra time your child may have. 

Stay Interactive

Lastly, as a way to continue to encourage your child toward these healthy goals, you’ll want to keep these habits interactive. You may be able to mandate activities or insist that your child eats healthy, and perhaps he or she will listen willingly. However, it’s much better to make this endeavour enjoyable for everyone. Allow your child to help you come up with meal plans, perhaps even cooking some meals on his or her own or with your help. When planning active family outings, allow your child to provide ideas or even, with the help of an adult or older sibling, plan the outing altogether. 

As your child’s habits become healthier, you’ll likely see that he or she is also more involved in academic pursuits. Of course, there is still that possibility that there is a specific area where your child is not on track, or perhaps could use some extra help. It could be a simple matter of understanding and adapting to your child’s learning style. Whatever the issue, The Tutoring Center has a professional tutoring staff, ready and able to assist your child in meeting his or her academic goals. For tutoring in Sugar Hill be sure to contact us at 678-926-9475.


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