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Easy Ways to Prepare for College This Summer

Getting into college may have been the hard part for your child, but now that their first day is just around the corner, they may be feeling unprepared. To help them get ready for their first day, use the summer to prepare for it all.

Create a Calendar

There can be a number of dates that your child has to keep track of in order to ensure everything goes smoothly. To ensure they don't miss any important events or deadlines, help your child create a calendar dedicated to their college happenings. Important dates may include things like orientation, registration, move-in day, and financial aid deadlines.

Get Some Work Done

Once your child has registered for classes, they may find they already have some homework to complete. If this is the case, help them find the books and materials they'll need to get this work done in a timely manner. Keep in mind, the sooner they start the sooner they'll finish. This will mean less stress as their first day of class approaches.

Look for Scholarships

Finally, college can be quite pricey, so scholarships can be a huge help. Not only are these helpful in the financial sense, but some even carry prestige that can help your child stand out even post-college. Encourage your child to use their free time during the summer to apply for more scholarships that will be helpful during their college years.

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