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What to Look for in a Tutor

Deciding to enroll your child in tutoring is only the beginning of the process. If you decide this is the best step to take, you should also be sure that the tutor you choose is effective and worth the trouble. Below are some of the basic skills your child's tutor should possess in order to help them succeed.


Although not all students enroll in tutoring because they're struggling, a lot of them are looking for some additional academic support. Because of this, it's important that their tutor is patient while teaching them their lessons. They shouldn't get visibly frustrated when a student doesn't understand a lesson or concept. This can cause a student to feel ashamed or embarrassed and will result in them not receiving the help they need.

Teaching Abilities

Being familiar and comfortable with a subject is an obvious must, but this isn't enough to guarantee a tutor will be effective. In fact, experience in the subject should be complemented with teaching skills. A person who is a genius in a subject may not always be able to relay information in a way that makes sense to students of different ages. A tutor should be able to teach lessons effectively so that their students understand the information.

Communication Skills

It's important for your child's tutor to be open to communication. This doesn't mean they have to give you detailed weekly reports, but they should be able to share information regarding areas your child should work on at home, areas where they've made progress, and any other things that stand out during tutoring classes.

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