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We are all familiar with the feeling of a day draining away wasted on procrastination, but The Tutoring Center in Sugar Hill is here to help with this guide to managing time effectively. These five tips apply to people of all ages, so are as good for you as they are for your child!

Break Up Your Time

Many studies have shown that frequent short breaks actually help productivity. Nobody can work at their best 24/7 so to make sure your day is structured to allow for optimum productivity try breaking your time down into 50 minute blocks. Between each block of work, take a 10 minute break. Make sure that during these breaks you move around to get your blood flowing and keep your body and mind active and healthy. This will help maintain your energy and alleviate boredom; two things that are especially important to keep younger children focused!

Make Plans

It can be tempting to simply jump in and get started on your studies, but this may not be the best method. Try creating a daily/weekly plan that breaks down what you need to achieve and how you are going to go about it. This could be a simple to-do list or, for visual learners, a color-coded calendar. Try sitting down with your child and planning with them to teach them the importance of good organization.


A long to-do list can be daunting, so we are often tempted to cherry-pick the easiest tasks first. However, it may be better to focus on achieving the harder or more time-consuming tasks first, when you have more energy available.

Stay Organized

Searching high and low for books or papers you need for work or study is a waste of time! We provided some tips in an earlier post that will help you stay organized, giving you more time to get things done. It’s especially important that younger children are taught the importance of organization so that they form good habits early on.

Review Your Methods

It’s important that your work method works for you, so take the occasional moment to consider how effective your work has been over a day or a week. Perhaps you or your child are finding yourself becoming restless during 50 minute blocks and need to shorten them in order to stay on track. Everyone’s perfect method is distinct, so try to make sure yours is the best for you and your child.

If time management or any other area of study is proving difficult for your child, The Tutoring Center in Sugar Hill is here for you. We offer a free diagnostic assessment to identify areas in which your child may need extra support, so call us at 678-926-9475 to learn how our expert tutors can help your child flourish academically.


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