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Help Your Child Become a Better Writer

Writing is an important skill for all students to learn and master. Not only will being a good writer help them succeed academically, but it can also help them in their career. To help your child become a great writer, use these tips.

Master the Basic Components

In order for your child to become an effective writer, they first have to master the basic elements. This means they have to build a solid foundation which they can then build from. This means they should first learn basic lessons, like how to write a complete sentence, the parts of speech, how to use punctuation, and basic grammar. As they learn these lessons, they will be on their way to developing their skills.

Make Time to Read

Reading is a must if your child wants to learn how to write well. Have your child read a variety of books so that they can pick up important components, like new vocabulary, more elaborate sentence structures, and style. They may be able to identify authors by their style and voice, which can help them develop their own.

Use the Feedback They Receive

When your child turns in writing assignments at school, look at the feedback they get. If they only get spelling mistakes and grammar corrected, give them a bit more to work with. Sit down with them and point out the things they did well. Give them pointers on how to improve things that weren't as great. It helps if you give them examples of things they can do in the future to strengthen their work.

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