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Fun Activities to Get Your Child Moving

When your child is stuck at home, it can be hard to ensure they get the daily recommended amount of exercise. If they don't look forward to physical activities, this can be even harder. Use these tips to ensure they get some exercise and stay moving.

Create a Daily Challenge

To make exercising more fun, turn it into a fun challenge for your child. Create a routine you can change up daily with different exercises so that they don't get bored doing the same thing every day. Assign points to each exercise so that they can accumulate points. You can turn this into a family competition so that your child can stay motivated. Have an incentive ready for the winner, like choosing the dessert.

Work out Together

Having your child do the work on their own can be tough, especially if they're not feeling motivated. To make this easier and more fun for them, join them. Look for activities you can do together, like playing basketball, going hiking, or playing at the park. You can also have your family join in when playing team sports.

Go Outside

Doing exercise indoors can be boring, so take advantage of outdoor spaces. If it's warm out, go for a swim together or have a water balloon fight. If it's cold out, bundle up before going for a run or have a snowball fight. If you can't go outdoors at all, stick to guided workouts, like yoga or pilates.

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