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A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words to Your Young Writer

For your young writer, the age-old saying is true. Children have intense creativity and curiosity. Drawing allows their imagination to come to life.

Draw a picture.

Encourage your child to draw a picture, any picture. They should have total freedom to express themselves. Whatever they draw and however it looks, praise their artistry.

Talk about your picture

Provide simple prompts to encourage your child to discuss their drawing. Get them thinking and talking about their creations.

"Write" about a picture.

Your children should write to the full extent of their abilities. Examples of pre-writing include scribbling, random strings of letters, and copied text. The scribbles and scratches of "writing" are a display of learning and progress! Your child is becoming a writer. It is a process and won't happen immediately. You're watching the development.

Read Aloud

When your child is done drawing and writing, ask them to share out loud. This presentation like child helps build confidence and is a validation of their efforts.

Praise and Encouragement

Praise your child's efforts. Acknowledge they are a writer and illustrator. Show them examples by looking at other illustrated books. Always support, praise and celebrate your child.

Tutoring in Sugar Hill

Encourage your child to form great habitssuch as drawing regularly.  For help with challenge subjects like reading, writing and math, your child deserves the very best tutoring in Sugar Hill. The Tutoring Center of Sugar Hill offers customized academic programs and one-to-one instruction to give your child the knowledge and confidence to excel this coming school year. Call 678-926-9475 for your child's free diagnostic assessment today.  


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