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Tips to Help Your Child Prepare for College This Summer

The school year can be quite hectic for students, and even more so when it comes time to apply to college. Balancing college application requirements with a normal school load can even get overwhelming. To help your student keep things in order, get started over the summer.

Make Time to Study

College entrance exams are probably one of the most dreaded parts of the application process. The exams are long and full of information your child may have seen over a year ago. This can make the exams hard enough, but when combined with the pressure of having to pass along the scores to the student's dream schools in hopes of getting accepted, it can be overwhelming. If your child doesn't have enough time to dedicate to studying, the pressure can get that much worse. Instead, have them dedicate their free time over the summer to studying. They don't have to spend all summer hitting the books, but some regular study time will help alleviate the pressure and get them closer to their ideal score.

Explore Majors and Career Options

If your child isn't sure about what they want to major in, help them explore their options this summer. Figure out what their interests and strengths are and how these can be applied to a career. Next, look at potential universities by researching which ones are the best in the area of study that interests your child. You can keep your research online or you can even take a trip to visit different campuses that your child may apply to.

Ask for Help

Whether or not you went to college, applying to schools now will likely look much different than it did years ago. Don't let this intimidate you and instead try to be of help when your child needs it. Remember that you can always contact their school counselor for extra help or even reach out to admissions offices, financial aid offices, and any other office that can answer your questions. Encourage your child to also ask their older friends for tips along the way.

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