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Important Changes Being Made to the SAT in 2016

We all know just how important the SAT Exam is to a high school student in terms of their college future.  Here at the Tutoring Center we offer SAT Exam Prep in the form of a structured, proven program that offers one-to-one instruction for your student.  Today we'd like to take a minute to inform you of certain changes that will be made to the SAT Exam, beginning in 2016.

Redesigned SAT Exam to Roll Out in 2016

The SAT has been tweaked many times over the years, but in the spring of 2016, the test is scheduled to undergo substantial changes.  The exam has been redesigned to more closely mirror the work that the average high school student experiences in the classroom.  Here are some of the most critical changes:
  • An added emphasis on the use of evidence to support answers
  • A departure from the use of obscure vocabulary words to words that students have likely heard in the classroom and will use in college and their careers
  • A more narrowly tailored math section

Format and Scoring Changes to the SAT Exam

  • Return to a 1600 point scale
  • Removal of penalty for wrong answers
  • Optional essay to conclude the exam

Score Well on the SAT with Tutoring in Sugar Hill

Here at the Tutoring Center, we are on top of the above mentioned changes to the SAT Exam.  Why is this important?  The structure and design of the exam can have a profound effect on the test taker's strategy, and how they need to focus in order to achieve a great result.  Call us today at (678) 926-9475 so we can set up a plan to get your child fully prepared to succeed on the revamped SAT Exam.


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