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Each person learns at their own pace. We all learn differently, we find some things easier than others. Some of us find it easier to remember things we heard, some of us find it easier to remember something we wrote, we all have different learning styles. Today, The Tutoring Center, Sugar Hill GA brings you a little bit of information about learning styles.

Auditory Learners

Have you noticed that your children remember things they heard better than things they saw? Do they repeat instructions aloud to make sure they got them right? Are they easily distracted when there is too much noise? Perhaps they are auditory learners, they learn by listening and talking.

Kinesthetic Learners

Children who learn mainly through hands-on activities are kinesthetic learners. They learn by being involved in the process. It is hard for them to remain sitting in one place. For them, games and experiments is the best way to go.

Visual Learners

Visual learning is the most common type of learning. These types of learners need visuals to understand instructions. Drawings, diagrams, pictures, labels and written instructions make perfect sense to them. They might love to work by making drawings.

Logical or Analytical Learners

Children who are great at math or understanding patterns are logical learners. They like to understand why things work and ask many questions. They may struggle with some more creative or hands-on assignments.

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