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Many children like Spelling, because it can easily be turned into a fun activity. You can spell through songs, using Play Doh, pasta, so many things!  Today The Tutoring Center,  Sugar Hill GA has prepared some ideas of Spelling games you can try any time and will definitely be a hit with children.

Blindfold Spelling

This game should be played in teams. Each team has one player wear a blindfold; they spin around the player a few times and give them directions on how to reach the board. While the players are walking towards the board, you must tell them a spelling word that they must write once they reach their destination. It’s fun to see how sloppy they wrote with their eyes blindfolded and it’s a delight to know that they spelled the word correctly any way.

Egg Scramble

Write each letter of a spelling word on separate pieces of paper. Put the letters inside a plastic egg and shake it to scramble them. The player with the egg has to unscramble the letters to form the correct spelling word. It can be a single or multiple player game.


Fill out a bucket, paper bag, or jar with papers. Each paper must say a Spelling word (from a previously studied list), for every 5 words there should be a paper that says BUMP. The first player takes out paper, reads it quickly and spells the word. If it’s correct they keep the paper, the next player does the same; if someone gets a BUMP they must return all their words back to the bucket.

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