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Tips to Help Your Child Finish the School Year Strong

As summer break approaches, it can be easy for students to focus on that instead of the last bit of the school year. Help your child finish the year strong with these tips.

Find Some Motivation

It may be hard for students to stay motivated and...

Tips to Help Your Child Stay Focused

If your child struggles to stay focused while working on homework, use these tips to increase their ability to focus.

Take Breaks

Students who have a hard time sitting still and staying concentrated on the task in front of them may benefit from taking small...

How to Help Your Child Complete Daily Homework

Helping your child to complete their homework during elementary school may not seem like a challenge, but as your child gets older and must complete more difficult homework, you may be tempted to step back and let them handle it all. While your child...

Help Your Child Manage Their Time

If your child is constantly forgetting to do things or is often rushing to finish assignments, teach them to stay organized with these tips.

Create a Daily Routine

To get the most out of their day, help your child create a daily routine they can follow. Their...

How Math Tutoring Can Help Your Child

Math is a tough subject for most students, especially if they weren’t able to fully grasp past math lessons. Since the subject is cumulative and requires that students understand a lesson before moving onto a new one, those who struggle risk being left...

The Benefits of Tutoring During Winter Break

Help your child excel this school year by enrolling them in winter tutoring. If you're not sure how much of an impact tutoring over winter break can have on your child, this post can help you understand its benefits.

Exercise the Brain

Just like the...

Test Taking Strategies to Help You Do Your Best

Follow these test taking tips to ensure you do your best on upcoming exams.

Stay Positive

Maintaining a calm and positive attitude during any test will help you perform at your best. Studying for the test and ensuring you're prepared will help you...

Tips to Help Your Child Set Goals This Year

Learning to set goals is an important part of life, especially when related to academics. To help your child have a productive school year and to ensure they have something concrete to work towards, set some time aside to create school year goals. To...

Tips to Help You Prepare to Meet Your Child's Teacher

Follow these tips from The Tutoring Center, Sugar Hill GA to have a successful first meeting with your child's teacher.

Prepare for Your Meeting

To have a successful meeting, you will need to prepare a few days before. Making a simple list of...
Many children like Spelling, because it can easily be turned into a fun activity. You can spell through songs, using Play Doh, pasta, so many things!  Today The Tutoring Center,  Sugar Hill GA has prepared some ideas of Spelling games you can try any time and will definitely be a hit with...


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