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Signs Your Child Is Feeling Stressed by School

During the school year, it's not uncommon for students to feel under pressure. However, they shouldn't constantly feel stressed or burned out by school. If you're worried that your child is too stressed, look out for these signs.

Getting Angry When...


Easy Tips for Using an Academic Planner

An academic planner may seem like a basic item, but it can really help your child stay organized and have a less stressful school year. If your child already has a planner, be sure they're getting the most out of it with these tips.

Keep Track of Test...


Tips to Prepare for the School Year

Even if the school year has already started, it's not too late to prepare for a successful one. Help your child stay on top of it all this year with these helpful tips.

Set School Year Goals

To start the school year strong, be sure your child has some goals to...

Have a Successful Summer Break

Many students plan to sleep in and play video games all summer break, but even this can get boring after just a few days. Help your child plan a more productive and fun summer with the following tips.

Set New Goals

No matter how much time is left in their break,...

Easy Ways to Prepare for College This Summer

Getting into college may have been the hard part for your child, but now that their first day is just around the corner, they may be feeling unprepared. To help them get ready for their first day, use the summer to prepare for it all.

Create a...


How to Maintain Your Child's Attention at the End of the Year

At the end of the school year, your child may have a harder time paying attention in class. Their mind may already be on summer break, but that doesn't mean the school year is over. To ensure your child stays on top of their work, use...

Easy Ways to Keep Your Child Safe Online

The internet has made many things easier, but that doesn't mean that it's always safe. For parents of younger students, this can be a serious concern. Luckily, you can stay informed and help your child stay safe online.

Ask About Their Apps

Since the...

Make Working from Home Easy

Working from home can be a challenge for parents, but it can be even more of a challenge for students. Taking virtual classes and not having the teacher around to help can make it all harder. To help your student overcome these challenges, use these tips.

Create a...


Easy Ways to Make Reading Fun

Reading skills are super important for students of all ages. Since they will be needed throughout your child's academic journey, it's important that they master them early on. To ensure your child develops a solid reading foundation and enjoys reading, use these...

Work on Your Concentration Skills

If your child is struggling with their grades because they have a hard time paying attention in class, there can be a number of reasons behind this. At the same time, there are plenty of solutions that can help them get back on track and interested in their...


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