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For younger children, holding a pencil correctly can be a challenge that could impact several areas of their lives (for example, their penmanship, fine motor skills, and artistic abilities). Provide the assistance your child requires to learn and master the correct pencil grip with help from...

Are you in the process of choosing a major? Many students consider choosing a major a process that makes them feel stressed and overwhelmed. If this is your case, learning some tips can help guide you along this process. You must consider your interests, values, and traits when choosing a field...

Now that your child is off school for summer break, you may be thinking of ways to keep them busy and their brain active. Building puzzles won't only help your child pass the time in a fun way, but it can also be beneficial to them. To learn why you should encourage your child to solve more...

Being a good speller is a skill that your child should work on if they want to communicate more accurately, improve their reading comprehension, and even be more competitive in the job market later on. Learn how you can help them develop this skill through the post below.

How to Help Your Child...


Why Sleep Is a Must for Students

It's often said that sleep is important for students of all ages, and that's because it definitely is. No matter how old your child is, there are plenty of reasons why they need to get the correct amount of sleep every night. To learn more about how this can...

Help Your Child Become a Better Writer

Writing is an important skill for all students to learn and master. Not only will being a good writer help them succeed academically, but it can also help them in their career. To help your child become a great writer, use these tips.

Master the Basic...


Some of the Benefits of Reading

You may have heard that reading is a great pastime that can help students learn more. While this is true, there are many more benefits your child can reap from their time spent reading.

Strengthen Your Vocabulary

One of the most well-known benefits of reading is...

Easy Habits to Develop

In order to make school more manageable, it helps if your child has developed an arsenal of useful habits. If they haven't already, help them master these.

Make Organization a Priority

Trying to memorize homework assignments, test dates, and other commitments can be...

Tips for New Readers

Learning to read can be challenging for young students and parents alike. Keep in mind that this is a lifelong process, so it takes patience from everyone involved. To keep your child motivated and learning, use these tips.

Take Turns Reading to Each Other

Reading aloud is...

Fun Activities to Get Your Child Moving

When your child is stuck at home, it can be hard to ensure they get the daily recommended amount of exercise. If they don't look forward to physical activities, this can be even harder. Use these tips to ensure they get some exercise and stay moving.



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