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"Dear Tutoring Center,

Last summer it was my educated decision to put my grandson Caleb in a tutoring situation. My grandson has an IEP at his public school and would be entering the 1st grade for the 2015-2016 school year. My strategy was that if indeed he had social or physical boundaries he would have to overcome, then this summer we would get him academically ahead so that academics would not be an additional focus for the family.

I chose The Tutoring Center because of its claim of one-on-one instruction, their “Rotational Approach to Learning “which promised to help the student with concentration and focus, easy access to the center,adaptable scheduling, free diagnostic assessment test, and concerned caring personnel. Caleb and I visited the center and met Mr. Dan as one of his instructors and Sangeeta Solanki, the director. Having been in education for 31 years, I could tell the center had chosen employees that wanted my student to learn and reach his potential.                               

We attended twice a week all summer. It was evident that Caleb was learning and improving. However as first grade approached I was still concerned about his progress throughout the year. I am writing this in November and Caleb is now mainstreamed with resource for all four major subjects – math, grammar, social studies, and science. His confidence has improved so much that his social and physical barriers are no longer a point of concern. He loves the “Dollar” system of rewards which gives a celebration atmosphere when enough dollars are earned. We could not be happier with Ms. Solanki, Mr. Dan, other instructors, and the Tutoring Center. It was an investment that has paid off and made Caleb a more enriched, confident, eager to learn student.                                                  

Thank you for your concern for my student and all the students I see entering the center daily. Your program worked as promised for us.

Sincerely yours,"
Claudia Gage
"My son is a rising HS Senior, and has taken a number of SAT classes, including at some pretty well known tutoring schools in Bergen County, New Jersey. He's also taken some Princeton Review courses.  However, he eventually hit a point where his scores weren't increasing on the practice tests. Therefore, we decided to try THE TUTORING CHENTER SUGAR HILL. The main benefit we saw is the personal attention. Previous classes weren't as interactive, as focused as this. My son's main focus at first was Math, which is most important to him (wants to major in Engineering).  The result? It worked!  On actual SAT tests, my son's MATH score jumped from 660 (Nov '14) to a perfect 800 (June '15)... NO BULL ... Also, this course is cheaper than what we were paying in New Jersey"
- Jeffrey Armstrong
"My daughter was a "C" student before she started tutoring at the tutoring center. She has been tutoring for almost 10 months and she bought her progress report home from school to us and scored a "A" in math. She has had problems understanding the basic concepts and the Tutoring Center was able to help her quickly grasp the basics. I wouldhighly recommend the Tutoring Center to all my friends and associates. Thanks and keep up the great work"
- Jermal Hardy
"My daughter was failing 6th grade math. Within a week of her attending The Tutoring Center at Sugar Hill she got an A on her test. My daughter has maintained an "A" average ever since. I highly recommend the center if your child is struggling with math"
- Janel Renn
"My daughter started attending The Tutoring Center at Sugar Hill in September of last year. We immediately saw results, not only her grades, but her confidence too! She had trouble in reading comprehension in the 5th grade. I struggled with her at home, and kept myself from pulling out my hair! She also had trouble with communication. She did not like to carry much of a conversation. Since The Tutoring Center, I have forgotten that feeling of frustration. She has become a talker, and uses words that I've never heard her use before. I truly owe it all to the great staff of The Tutoring Center. The director is amazing. She is so personable, and you can see the devotion she has to all the children that go there. I live 40 minutes away, and there are other tutors closer to my house, but because of all the great reviews I read online I decided to give them a tryI am so thankful I did! They truly have been a blessing in my family’s life"
- Maria A.
"As a parent I can't praise the Tutoring Center enough. When we started in the 7th grade our daughter needed help in math. She is a smart student who lacked the confidence in her abilities. She was in accelerated math and needed help in understanding Algebra and Geometry. In a very short period of time the Tutoring Center had her grade up to a high A and she had confidence in herself. At the end of the year she walked out of accelerated math with a 97 and exceeding in the CRCT. This summer she started learning ahead so she was ready for 8th grade. Her placement score in the beginning of the fall for math was one of the highest in her 8th grade class. The effort and care that this company gives to your student is above and beyond what any class room teacher can give your student, or any other tutoring center. I believe their one-on-one approach to learning is the best out there. The owners and tutors are here to see your student succeed. I am very happy to support and recommend them to anyone."
Kimberly Richardson
My daughter attended a theme school from kindergarden until the 5th grade. This school provided: a great structured learning environment and parent interaction. Upon entering middle school is where the issues arose. My family and I decided to relocate to Gwinnett county, simply for the outstanding school system. Relocating from a school system that was ranked within the bottom 5% of ALL middle schools, within the first few weeks at North Gwinnett Middle it was obvious my daughter was struggling. Since attending the Tutoring Center I've noticed a drastic turnaround. This turnaround is that of understanding and confidence. I want to thank the staff of The Tutoring Center for providing my daughter with the confidence she needs in order to excel. Thank you...
- Michael Owens
My daughter is in the third grade and was having problems reading at a third grade level. I attempted to help her with no success, and knew I had to get some help. This is when I decided to stop into the TUTORING CENTER. I have nothing to say but good things about the owner and her staff. Very caring and considerate people, my daughter loves going to tutoring. Ms. Sangeeta (the owner) even goes to my daughter's teacher's conference's. After several months she is now reading at a 4th grade level. I am very happy with the Tutoring Center and recommend it highly. It is money well spent!
- Kevin Sipple
"EXCELLENT TUTORS. FRIENDLY, PATIENT and EXCEPTIONALstaffIndividualized instruction and personalized learning plan, unlike some other places that teach in group setting. My child was struggling and falling behind. Saw marked improvement on report card, increasing my child's grade pt. avg. in 3 months. FAST RESULTS. Improved Speed &  Accuracy in Math. Strengthened Reading Comprehension & now preparing for the CRCT. Really care about the child's progress. Willing to meet child's teacher to coordinate a plan to assist child. Gave my child confidence in schoolwork and homework. AFFORDABLE and FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE. Facilities are new. They make it fun to be there with prizes and rewards for the kids. My child really looks forward to going.Knowledgeable, proficiently screened tutors. Worth the money!"
- T. Lauby
"My son has had a history of motivational issues with school and he had really fallen behind in math and algebra around the 8th grade. We initially went to another center in the beginning, but were not getting the results we needed and there was certainly no genuine concern or care for the students. We found the type of dedication and attention that was required for our son to establish a solid understanding of the concepts he was lacking in order to be successful at math and basic algebra at The Tutoring Center in Sugar Hill, GA though. The staff were more than willing to get involved at the school level, interacting with his teachers so as to get a better understanding of his needs... they were even happy to personally attend meetings with his teachers and I. They are genuinely concerned about each students success and will do whatever it takes to make learning a positive experience. I was truly amazed by how much they genuinely care about the children they see, they are just so dedicated to helping them succeed. My son certainly wasn't going to make anything to do with school easy for anyone and I can't say enough about the patience and care he was shown by the staff. I highly recommend The Tutoring Center at Sugar Hill."
Melissa Steffey
Our son's weak area is math and in a very short time at The Tutoring Center, his grades have shown significant improvement and he is feeling more confident about his abilities. We have been impressed with the one-to-one strategies, the personalized attention and a setting that our middle schooler enjoys going to even after a full day of school. The director is skilled at building individual relationships both with parents and students. Highly recommend it!
- Cindy Chapman
My daughter started at The Tutoring Center for additional help in 8th Grade Math towards the end of this school year. The individual attentionshe receives allows her to feel comfortable to ask specific questions. She was happy and surprised to know other kids from her school also attend The Tutoring Center. She has gained confidence and her grade has improved, which was our goal!
- Natalie Bonta
"My daughter started at The Tutoring Center at the end of the last school year. She was failing math with her average test score being around a 55. Since starting at the tutoring center her test grades have gone up dramatically and she currently has a math average of 93!!!! We are very happy with the center and all the teachers. Everyone seems genuinely concerned about my daughters grades and keeping her on track. I'm so glad we found The Tutoring Center."
Noelle Frank
"The Tutoring Centerhas done wonders with my daughter!  They wrote a completely individual lessonstrategy for her.  All of her instruction time is One-on-One.  They created illustrated pages/stories that focused on her sight words. We have seen big improvements!"
- Andy Roy
I would recommend the Tutoring Center if you need help. The instructors are very knowledgeable and effective. My daughter is motivated to go to the center. There is also a lot of fun while learning where kids earn based on performance and can buy stickers, candy and toys from their own personal store :-).
- Shashidhar Kidambi
"My son is attending the center and I am very pleased. The director is very concerned about my son and his progress."
- Mona Orellana
"Great place. My daughter loves to go there ... Teachers and staff are excellent. Her grades improved right after 2 sessions... Keep up the good work :)"
- Muge C.
"The Tutoring Center has helped my daughter tremendously! It has given her the confidence, and the ability to solve even the most difficult problems on her own. The environment makes the kids want to learn, and encourages them to succeed in all subject."
- Paula Swain
"I love The Tutoring Center because it has done wonders for my daughter. She has improved in math tremendously, and she's still improving in writing and reading comprehension. What I'm also happy about is the confidence she's gained, and independence. I would recommend The Tutoring Center to any child..."
- Jeanette Martinez
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